Saturday, August 1, 2009

Joanna & Thomas : Wedding Invitations

Joanna and I discussed a few different concepts for her blush pink, black and charcoal gray panel invitations, and just as I was about to get started, she shared a fantastic inspiration idea: her china!

"Lace" by Vera Wang is stunning. I was inspired to capture the elegance and style of the lace border pattern within her invitation design. Joanna also mentioned that she wanted her invitations to reflect the fun celebration they have planned, and this was translated through the bold floral design and calligraphic script used throughout.

The invitation panel is layered with a graphite metallic band, which also functions to hold the inserts together with the invitation, and a black shimmer cardstock.

The response card, response envelopes with framed address and blush pink response stamps.

Accommodations card

Metallic graphite mailing envelopes feature the floral design, which wraps around to the return address on the back flap. Custom stamps were designed to coordinate with the pattern and complete the look of this beautiful suite.

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