Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Neha & Dan : Wedding Invitations

Neha and Dan wanted a single invitation that invited guests to both their Hindu and Lutheran wedding ceremonies, in addition to other events that will be taking place throughout the wedding day. This is something that I haven't seen before and couldn't find any information for online, so we worked together to develop something unique - wording and style wise.

Neha chose a rich dark purple accented with metallic hot pink for the invitation colors....both very popular colors right now, and they look beautiful together! A large layered panel format was used to capture the invitation and day-of events that were listed, and a purple satin ribbon was used to hold the response card and envelope.

As their wedding will bring together multiple cultures as well as traditional and modern elements, the invitation design combines modern typography and bright colors with more formal script flourishes. A monogram of their first initials, which Neha thought would be a symbol of marriage that translated to both cultures, was made the focal point of the design.

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